MAS specialises in machines and equipment for plastics recycling and processing and has a reputation in this sector for innovative solutions and best-of-class process technology competence.

MAS’s across-the-board portfolio includes planning, designing, manufacturing and distribution of plastics processing machines and equipment for recycling, refinement and extrusion of plastics/composites. MAS’s core compentencies are:

  • dry recycling of used plastics based on the innovative DRD System (Double Rotor Disc) and
  • processing of plastics/composites in the world’s first, conical, co-rotating twin screw extruder based on New Conical Technology (NCT).

Taking the increasing price of energy and raw materials worldwide into consideration, the core of our company’s philosophy is that of developing energy saving holistic solutions that are easy on the material and thus highly economical.


New Conical Extrusion Technology (NCT)

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