Koga Recyclingtech offers specialised consultancy in recycling, solid waste recovery and alternative fuels. It represents some of the world’s leading and most specialised plant and equipment manufacturing and consulting companies in this field including:

  • ATM Recyclingsystems (Austria) – Heavy machinery for the scrap metal recycling industries
  • Lindner reSource (Germany) – Shredding & Granulation technology for plastics.
  • M.A.S (Austria) – Dry Cleaning Systems for Reprocessing of Plastic Films; NCT-Conical Twin Screw Extruders for Plastics Processing
  • Calamit (Italy) – Electro Magnetic Separation systems for metallic materials
  • Lechtenberg & Partner (Germany) – World renowned specialists in Solid Alternate Fuels and Waste Recovery for the Cement, Lime, Steel, Power Generation and Brick Industries,
  • Bianna Recycling (Masias) – leader in state-of-the-art recycling technologies in the engineering and capital equipment manufacturing sectors.
  • Lindner WashTech – We provide washing and processing systems that simply work more efficiently.
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